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FISH! Philosophy Why should our organisation dive into FISH!?

Fantastic FISH!™

Inspirational Coaching have been working with various organisations in Australia bringing the fantastic and highly acclaimed FISH!™ philosophy to life. We have shown how implementing the FISH! philosophy can transform an unhappy and unproductive team into an energised and focused powerhouse.

John Christensen, the CEO of Charthouse Learning, first noticed the incredible energy of the Pike Place FISH! market and brought his cameras to capture the impact the fishmongers had on each other and their customers. What makes FISH! so successful is that it is simple and is about normal people who tapped into their own potential. Everybody can relate to the principles and have fun in the process.

Managers love that FISH! is about individual commitment. Each person can live and develop FISH! in their own way. Everybody is responsible for integrating the principles into their behaviour and attitude.

FISH! will make a difference immediately. There are small things people can start doing now that will change the way it feels to work, live, communicate and lead.

We will use FISH! as a foundation for change in your organisation. An increasing number of people around the world are looking for a way to change how it feels to be at work and what they do when they are there. People are getting clearer expectations about what they value and what they need at work. FISH! provides an opportunity to explore what you really want your workplace to create and achieve whilst tapping into the strengths and passions of your people.