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What is FISH!?

The FISH!™ Philosophy

Are you ready to be inspired and to tap into the potential of your team?

The FISH! Philosophy is inspired by a group of fishmongers from Seattle’s Pike Place FISH! Market. This team is a shining example of how you can create a culture and workplace that encourages people to flourish and increase productivity. Being a fishmonger is obviously hard work, despite the cold and harsh conditions, they have found a way to harness a positive attitude and have fun at work.

Why has this team of fishmongers become world famous? We’ll tell you how so read on. Thousands of organisations in 28 different countries are discovering how 4 basic principles can result in a newfound energy, passion and commitment.

If your people are your biggest asset, it’s time to introduce them to FISH!

Catch the Energy and Release the Potential

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FISH! Breakfast Timetable

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